Early reports on Alaska EAN are in

January 26, 2011

Early reports about the Alaskan EAN test indicate it went off, and – one of the wall warts died at one location. Mostly good results, with no problem with the EAN code sent. Stay tuned for more!

Some have noted there was no EAT. This was by design according to sources. The FCC has yet to bring the Part 11 to reflect actual operating conditions. Also, at least one station sent an RWT after the EAN, but this was also reported to be on purpose, “in case some receivers had not released after the EAN.”

At the same time, there were reports of legacy receivers shutting down due to wall wart problems, and at least one LP-1 failed (as they did last year), even though a new receiver was on site, but never installed.

The FEMA Press Release was rather light on details, but more reports will come along as the test results are analyzed in Alaska.

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