BWWG Files Brief Comments on FCC’s National Test Questions

November 4, 2013


Today, November 4, 2013, the Broadcast Warning Working Group file timely brief Comments on what it feels are key issues regarding the many questions the FCC put out regarding the 2011 EAS National Test. It should be posted on the FCC’s Electronic Comments Filing System (ECFS) sometime on Tuesday, November 5, along with Comments from other parties who filed timely:

If you have never used the FCC’s EFCS to look up a proceeding, just go to that URL ( the “Search for Proceedings” page) and enter 04-296 in the text box near the top of the page labeled “Proceedings Number”.

Our input for these Comments came from not only the BWWG core members, but also from postings that many of the subscribers to the EAS Forum wrote, and other outside sources.

We are sure that many people besides the BWWG will be watching what other file on this proceeding. We hope that many EAS stakeholders file Reply Comments and/or let the BWWG know what you might like us to say if we decide to file Reply Comments.

A PDF copy of our filing can be found below.


The BWWG Core Members