Broadcast Warning Working Group Presents EAS Panel on Current Issues at NAB

April 7, 2014

Led by Broadcast Warning Working Group core members Barry Mishkind, David Ostmo, Adrienne Abbott, Clay Freinwald, and Richard Rudman (pictures left to right), many recent EAS developments and issues were highlighted at the Las Vegas Convention Center today. The group presented the final EAS Plans subgroup report that was presented to CSRIC IV voting members a few weeks ago. Chief recommendation to the FCC: A new monitoring assignment database that could replace the current Part 11 Map book requirement. The report also presents a definition for what an SECC really is for possible inclusion in Part 11. Here is a link to the Power Point describing the report presented today.

WG#3 3-20-14

The group recommend all attend the EAS New Technologies & Procedures session at 2 PM Wednesday, as well as the other NAB EAS sessions, featuring Tim Schott with the National Weather Service, Ed Czarnecki (Monroe) and Clay Freinwald. Session passes are available at the NAB Convention office for people who are registered for session attendance.

Adrienne Abbot presented her views on the multi-lingual item the FCC has asked concerned parties to comment on. Gary Timm (Chair, Wisconsin SECC) led a brisk discussion on using graphic files in CAP EAS messages. Participants had many good suggestions and best practices to contribute.

Under EAS compliance, the group reminded everyone that using of EAS format elements have recently resulted in substantial FCC fines. A best practice described by David Ostmo: We need to explain carefully to everyone involved with continuity approval of the many issues they need to guard against.

Barry Mishkind (Broadcaster’s Desktop Resource) told attendees that we must do a much better job to get management involved with EAS issues. EAS warnings are at heart content issues.

The BWWG hopes our subscribers and supporters will read the report and offer their comments on the EAS Forum email list server.