About The EAS Forum

This forum is hosted by the Broadcast Warning Working Group:

Adrienne Abbott

  • Nevada Broadcasters Association Alternative Inspector.
  • Nevada SECC Chair
  • EAS Voice in the Wilderness

Clay Freinwald

  • EAS Evangelist and past Vice-President of the SBE

Suzanne Goucher

  • President, Maine Association of Broadcasters

Barry Mishkind

David Ostmo

  • Director of Engineering, KABB/KMYS-TV

Richard Rudman

  • Owner, Remote Possibilities Contract Broadcast Engineering
  • Charter Trustee, Partnership for Public Warning
  • Vice Chair, California EAS SECC
  • Past Chair, FCC EAS National Advisory Committee

Gary Timm

  • Broadcast Chair, Wisconsin EAS SECC

Sharon Tinsley

  • President – Alabama Broadcasters’ Association

Policy and/or mission statement

The purpose of this forum is to provide information, answer questions, and otherwise assist broadcasters and emergency management personnel in understanding and implementing EAS technology, FCC Rules and operating procedures.

Fielding questions from the industry:

Have a question on how to implement EAS? Want to know about the receivers? Have an experience to share? This is the place. The whole idea is to share and educate one another.




Have a question? Post it to: eas (a t) radiolists.net